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About us
by Damien Belveze - Last Updated Nov 6, 2014
and about Form@doct, tutorial created and updated by libraries of following institutions : URFIST de Rennes, Universities of Rennes 1, Rennes 2, UBS, UBO and other institutions such as schools and labs
Contracts and right conveyance
by Damien Belveze, Anne-Céline Dubois, Cristina Pereira - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
Which contracts apply to copyright? What are the implications of right conveyance?
Tags: right_assignment,  exploitation_rights
Developing an information search strategy
by Damien Belveze, Le Men Hervé - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
Simple but efficient actions for a documentalist to assess the latest developments on a topic
Tags: document search, information search, latest developments
Exploring the online press
by Damien Belveze, Clémence Martin - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
This guide is intended to show you where to find news articles online and help you become familiar with online news portals, platforms and aggregators.
Tags: aggregator,  e-journal,  europresse,  factiva,  information retrieval,  online press
Feed aggregators, customizable pages
by Damien Belveze - Last Updated Jul 9, 2014
Create a workspace on the Internet and subscribe to RSS feeds. Import and export RSS feeds. Share monitoring results with other internet users
Tags: aggregator, atom, customizable page, feed reader, opml, rss, web 2.0
Open archives
by Damien Belveze, Emilie Marie - Last Updated Jul 10, 2014
Growing numbers of institutions are setting up their own repositories to archive and disseminate their researchers’ scientific output. This guide explains what is an open archive, what it is used for and how it can be improved.
Tags: open access repository, open archive,  depositing,  open access,  self-archiving
Social networks for researchers
by Damien Belveze, Le Men Hervé - Last Updated Dec 10, 2014
Identifying the main networks for researchers • Increasing the visibility of your publications thanks to social networks Finding collaborators via social networks • Contributing to a social network
Tags: science 2.0, social networks, web 2.0
Twitter essai Libguides
by Damien Belveze - Last Updated May 6, 2015
Using IEEExplore and becoming familiar with the IEEE citation style
by Damien Belveze, Laurence Douilly - Last Updated Dec 10, 2014
This guide describes the IEEExplore database in electronics, telecommunications, engineering and computer science and its various features: information search, sharing of results and citing rules.
Tags: databases,  computer science,  engineering sciences,  scholarly journals,  telecommunications
Using ScienceDirect
by Damien Belveze, Agnès Colnot, Le Men Hervé - Last Updated Dec 10, 2014
This guide provides information on ScienceDirect, the online journal aggregator, and on how to use it.
Tags: aggregation, journal aggregator, sciencedirect