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Dominique Bouge-Grandon
Contact Info:
Université Rennes 2
Place du recteur Henri Le Moal
CS 64307. 35043 RENNES cedex
Phone: (0033) 2 99 14 12 79


Archive documents
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon, Séverine Moro - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
Understanding the concept of archive ● Identifying the different types of archives ● Discovering a few tools to identify and spot an archive document
Tags: archives,  patrimonial documents,  sources
Bibliographic reference managers
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon, Marie-Laure Malingre - Last Updated Jul 8, 2014
Choose a bibliographic reference manager to store references, to manage them, share them and produce a bibliography.
Tags: bibliography,  bibliographic reference management tool,  reference management
Copyright in the digital era
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon, Anne-Céline Dubois, Séverine Moro - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
Identifying the conditions of use of copyrighted works in a thesis published online
Tags: creative commons,  copyright,  digital document
Libraries, documentation centers, archives
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon - Last Updated Dec 11, 2014
Spotting the different places where information can be found
Tags: archive services, documentation centres, libraries
Organising and managing your documentation
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
How to manage your personal documentation? How to use digital tools to manage your documentation?
Tags: personal_library,  personal_documentation
Preparing a bibliography
by Dominique Bouge-Grandon, Sandrine Portet - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
This guide explains why it is useful for researchers to compile a personal reference database for preparing their bibliography
Tags: reference database,  bibliographic references,  bibliography